Falling in LOL is a multi-faceted Platform to help reconnect the world with their natural ability to laugh and to embrace the remedies that laughter provides.

In the stressful world and shaped society that we live in, we all loose our ability of sense of humor and are dominated by the seriousness that is expected from us when dealing with stress and the effects of stress.

Turning to every other high than the high that we are born with which is the tool of laughter. This phenomenal behavior can be induced by many things in life around you, things that happen to you and from comedians that have shows all around the globe.

However, with stress being a commonplace that we have all learnt to reside in, seeking the behavior of laughter as the best medicine has gone far and beyond people’s consciousness and has become disassociated from our survival kit.

Falling in LOL is dedicated in making the world a happier place and determined to help as many people as possible to navigate you back to your sense of humor, reuniting you with the funnier side of life.

Platform to share and upload laughter images and videos

Laughter is a contagious behavior. It is an international language that is understood without having to learn another language. Laughter makes people feel good and we are giving you the chance to share your laughter with the world and make someone’s day. You can get a room full of people or you can just do it by yourself, have fun with it and don’t forget that laughter is contagious so beware you may spread viral.

All you need to do is press record then upload and we will do the rest.

Happy Laughing!

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