The Beginning of Laughter

The Beginning of Laughter


They say that children laugh more than adults.

Actually, I read that children have a good giggle 400-500 times a day compared to a mere 4 times a day if we are lucky during adulthood.

I’m just trying to think back that long ago now, not saying that I am old, or anything ha! ha! ha!

But being 34 years young I have a lot of memories to search through, some good, some neutral and some bad. Most of them are clouded memories, the sort of memories that lay in the grey of the memory.

As I bring up the flash backs and filter through the flashing lights, the various theme tunes to the different chapters of my life and the various imaginary comedians that enlightened me with the feel good behaviours I’d like you to join me on my emotional roller coaster of smiles, giggles and sincere belly laughter.

I have a feeling that this roller coaster is going to be like the back to the future Mobil taking me back and forth to past and present events filled with thrill and adventure.