In society there is a lot of emphasis on self control on being serious if you want to be successful you have to be serious and laughter is about losing control so how can you laugh when you taught to be in control all the time. We are all born with the natural ability to laugh. It is a physiological mechanism that helped us release anger, fear and stress out of our bodies.

If you can’t remember episodes when this occurred in your younger years, think of babies, they are great example of this.

I am sure you have played peek-a- boo with a baby at some stage of your life. You would disappear and then reappear again but when you disappear the baby is afraid and is wondering where you are. Once the baby see’s you again they release that tension through laughter. It is that hearty belly laugh that I am talking about.

Laughter Benefits

Research suggests that Continuous laughter for fifteen minutes triggers our bodies to start releasing certain chemicals.

For example, Endorphins, Endorphins is a natural painkiller, the other chemical is serotonin which is an anti-depressant, therefore when this chemical is released you are guaranteed to be in a better mood.

We get more oxygen to our brain and our thinking becomes focused and sharper. Testimonies shared have also proven that after the Ha Ha Ha experience there is an AHA! That follows, interestingly; it helps develop insights and solutions to their problems and offers other creative ideas.