Laughter Yoga & Laughter Therapy- Ha ha ha!

If you see some people gathered in public parks and laughing their heads of at absolutely nothing don’t think they have gone out of mind they may just be members of the happiest community in the world that’s called the laughter yoga club.

Laughter yoga Therapy is a unique concept, where anyone can laugh without jokes, comedy and external stimulus of humor. Created in 1995, Dr. Madan Kataria a medical practitioner in India curiously researched the scientific benefits of Laughter. Experiments lead him to the fascinating conclusion that the Human brain can not only not differentiate between real or fake laughter but you actually still get the physiological and biochemical changes in the brain and body as you would do from real laughter.

What happens in Laughter yoga?

Laughter yoga therapy is predominantly done as a group activity. Initiating laughter exercises as form of exercise at the beginning this rolls into infectious and contagious laughter when we look around at each other doing playful, childish and out of the ordinary exercises.

The reason it is called ‘laughter yoga’ is because we combine laughter exercises with deep breathing techniques from yoga that helps bring more oxygen to the body and brain, which replenishes our feelings of being healthier and more energetic.

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