LOL Social Community Programme is all about reaching out to
communities and engaging youths, adults, hospitals and
people suffering from mental illnesses, disabilities, stress and
the ability to be happy.

Happiness in today’s society is a problem! Even though we
have more technology, more money, greater access to
better medical care, we still fell alone, under valued and
depressed. Mental breakdowns, suicides, domestic abuse,
sexual abuse are all on the rise. We believe that this is directly
linked to the fact that people are not happy and are failing
to control their emotions due to a lack of support from family
and communities.

This programme hasn’t been created to cure the world but to
make an attempt to tackle the unhappiness that many
people in our local communities experience day in and day
out. We want to give people the tools as well build initiatives,
that will enable them to see the beauty that surrounds them.
The problem is not society (even though we could argue this
until the world ends) but more the outlook that people have
towards life and each other. Showing and giving people tools
that will open the eyes of their hearts, we believe, will spark a
movement of happiness within our communities.

Life is too short not to be happy!

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