Laughter is a magnificent and perfect tool to help people cope much better with physical and emotional pain.

Falling in LOL is dedicated in training professionals from the medical, mental health and educational field on how to incorporate laughter as an effective tool in their work with their clients.

Falling in LOL’s one to one Coaching sessions retrain individuals to assume responsibility for their ability to laugh by unlocking their self-confidence, reengaging the physiological muscles needed and vocal sounds produced. In turn ensuring Laughter independence as a skill and tool that can be accessed immediately without hesitation.


All you Laughter gurus, Yoga therapists and Comedians and anything affiliated with comedians, here is your chance to get involved.

Sponsor, Endorse or get Endorsed this is your opportunity to get in touch for a more valid purpose in life.

Keep updated with future exciting events, festivals, trainings and interesting news about Falling in LOL and its shenanigans with promoting a happier lifestyle.

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