Falling in LOL Extravaganza

The Falling in LOL Extravaganza is the first ever festival of its kind. It is the largest Laughter festival in the world and takes place for the first time in the United Kingdom on the second weekend of May 2016.

Hundreds of comedians will take to many tents all over the venue to present shows for every sense of humor. From big names in the world of Comedy and coaching to unknown artists looking to build their careers, the festival caters for everyone who wants to find there sense of humor, laugh more in life and learn valuable skills and tools through the live life coaching seminars, exhibitions and events.

We have created the worlds first Laughter Weekend that ties in with the Laughter Day on the 1st Sunday of May. We have decided that actually we want to be greedy with Laughter so extended our LOL for more positive effects on our body.

It’ uniqueness holds non stop laughter, fun, playfulness, humor ever type of comedian and magnificent live coaching seminars on happiness and Laughter yoga therapy workshops.

Various tents will hold live music bands and DJ’s to help shake off those woes from the past and energy created by the non-stop LOL’s throughout the day.

Start your day with laughter yoga therapy, playfulness and fun social events in various tents, watch a live Laughter Life coaching seminar on the main stage, then drift into different senses of humor and dance the night off with a variety of music tents and social decadence of laughter.

If you are interested in Being apart of the Falling in LOL Extravaganza, please click the corresponding buttons below.

comedian   audience   PLAYING MUSIC